Whether it is a simple exterior wash that you are after for your pride and joy, or a deluxe professional detail, we have a service that fits your needs!

Protect your leather Australian Auto Protection
Interior Car Clean Australian Auto Protection
Exterior Car Clean Australian Auto Protection

Hand Car Wash

Hatch/Sedan – $20
SUV/4WD – $30

Exterior Only

  • Hand wash
  • High pressure water rinse & chamois dry
  • Wheels and tyres pressure cleaned & tyre shine applied.

Hatch/Sedan –  $45    
SUV/4WD – $60

  • Hand wash
  • High pressure water rinse & chamois dry
  • Wheels and tyres pressure cleaned & tyre shine applied
  • Deodorise interior
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • Vacuum interior

Hatch/Sedan – $65
 SUV/4WD – $80

Premium Wash plus extra TLC

  • Door frames cleaned
  • Floor mats shampooed, cleaned & disinfected
  • Centre console and dash area cleaned and conditioned
  • All door trims dusted and spot cleaned

Professional Car Detailing

Hatch/Sedan – $199 
SUV/4WD -$249

  • Hand Wash
  • Remove Bugs & Tar
  • Hand Polish
  • Clean Engine &  Engine Bay
  • Door Jams
  • Under Guards
  • Floor Mats Shampooed & Anti-Bacterial Treatment Applied
  • Spot Clean Seats & Carpets
  • Clean and Dress Console & Map Pockets
  • Deodorise Interior

Hatch/Sedan – $299 
SUV/4WD – $399

Premium detail plus:

  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Clean Air Vents
  • Shampoo seats and carpets
  • Floor mats Shampooed and anti-bacterial treatment applied
  • Clean and condition Leather
  • Two stage Machine Polish
  • Underbody Paint to Wheel Arches
  • Plus a little extra TLC

Window Tinting:


We use SunTek Automotive Window tints that delivers outstanding solar performance include heat rejection, UV protection and glare reduction. SunTek Automotive Window Tints are available in several colours and shades and matches factory privacy glass and enhances the look of any vehicle.

Leather Protection:


Protect your car’s interior by creating an invisible shield to protect leather and vinyl against premature aging and damaging stains, without harmful oils that can discolour or damage leather.

Vinyl Protection:


Vinyl Protection coats and protects your vehicle’s interior vinyl surfaces.  It is a specialised emulsion containing silicon and plasticisers which rejuvenate and give treated surfaces added protection from shrinkage, cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Paint Protection:


Paint Protection acts as a barrier between the car paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day including UV Fading; Oxidation; Loss of Gloss; Tree sap & Industrial Fallout; Bird Lime (Bird Droppings) & Bat Droppings; Road Salts; Diesel Fumes.

Fabric Protection:


When Fabric Protection is applied your upholstery will retain its luxurious showroom look and feel no matter what sort of punishment you throw at or spill on it.  The product adheres to each individual fibre eliminating absorption of oil and water based stains including coffee.  Simply clean up spills with a damp cloth.

Rust Protection:


Not only does rust damage the look of your car, it also eats away at machinery parts severely affecting the performance and safety of your vehicle.  So when it comes to rust – the best defence is a good offence and you should regularly protect your car’s interior and exterior, before it ends up costing you a pile of money.  We offer both a conventional wax rust protection, alongside Coupler Tec Electronic Rust Proofing.